About the Artist

I grew up with clay — my mother was a potter, with a BFA in Ceramics from Alfred University. So I played with clay as easily as most children play with crayons and paper.

In my studio today sits an old treadle kick-wheel that was in my mother’s college classroom; it traveled with us through the many moves our family made as I was growing up. After a few classes in college there were many years when I had almost nothing to do with clay. But my hands and my heart remembered it, and thanks to the support of  parents and family, I now have a studio of my own, and some time to commit seriously to being a potter.

I love the potter’s wheel (the old Randall wheel I use is almost identical in design to potters’ wheels in ancient Egyptian drawings). I love the touch of hand on clay. I also love plants, wild creatures, and gardening, and my clay-work draws from and celebrates these influences.

All my work is individually hand-crafted. Pieces may be similar, but not identical. I fire to cone 6 (about 2200 F) in an electric kiln.  My work is functional and meant to be used. That means that pitchers pour, vases hold water, garden objects will survive outdoors through the growing season.

Pots are microwave and dishwasher safe (but not to be used on stove tops or in conventional ovens). Glazes are free of lead, barium, and cadmium. I hope you enjoy looking at my work, as I enjoyed making it..